Telegraf / InfluxDB / Grafana as syslog receiver

So you are using the TIG-Stack to visualize network device metrics like interface counters, CPU and memory already? Great, I think Grafana really excels in the dashboarding domain. But did you ever wonder, how to leverage the same solution to store and display syslog messages? Well, then this post is for you.

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First simple Ansible playbooks

So, your lab is set up and waiting for something meaningful to do?
This post introduces the two probably most commonly used networking modules in the Cisco IOS world – it’s no rocket science to use other vendors’ modules in the same way, by the way. IOS_command executes, well, commands at the privileged level, while IOS_config is used in config mode – no surprise there, right?

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How should I start a network automation journey ?

Depending on your personal background there are many different ways to approach networks or (more general) infrastructure devices in a programmatic way. If you are blessed with sufficient coding skills, please go straight to Python and frameworks like Nornir to get things started. This post though is for long time network engineers with little or no software experience.

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Why should I even start a network automation journey ?

Well, I might know what you think. Despite all the successful automation efforts in other areas of IT, networking is kind of special – not only because of the massive blast radius if Murphy strikes. Being a seasoned enterprise professional you also know how ‘fast’ change really happens and that most internal computer and networking problems need to be approached at the people and process level, rather than throwing a piece of technology at it.
After all, box-by-box configuration backed up by occasional scripts or template one-offs has worked for decades now…

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