The motivation to

A few years back, I realised the increasing network complexity* trickle down the infrastructure stack and began to wonder if this really is the way it has to be. I looked around, outside the networking silo in our organisation to understand the needs of the full stack of IT. I started visiting conferences, following podcasts, blogs, joined some slack groups of interest, took courses and refreshed Linux knowledge.

It turned out that heavy siloed enterprise orgs seam to face some challenges regarding a common strategy for their infrastructure stack – surprise, surprise.

During the following journey to more automation, InfraAsCode plus all things cloud, my teammates and I used a lot of resources on the internet developing some skills for the new era. And then there was this podcast, demanding some ‘new kids on the block’ (although debatable regarding my age).

So with the dawn of 2020 I decided to give a little back and start a personal but technical blog about exactly those topics, experiences made and share some of the ideas / processes / code in use.

*Big layer2 domains in favor of VM live migration, anyone ?

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